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In centralized environments (mainframe) it has experience in products such as CA-IDMS and COBOL with z/OS operating system for IBM equipment, as well as in an MCP environment with LINC II and EAE for Unisys equipment. In addition, we provide analyst programmers with a wide experience in the development of applications with tools and knowledge of Spring, Hibernate, Maven, WebSphere, Tomcat, Angular, JPA, Broker, MQ, C++, C#, PHP.

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To consolidate ourselves as a company which exceeds the client’s expectations, offering high quality information products and services with a qualified and specialized human resource.


To be a company which is committed to excellence: developing high quality products and services in the field of information technologies and offering personalized service to all of our clients.

Knowledge and Quality

The Costa Rican labor force is considered one of the principal attractions for foreign investors because of its high academic level. EPROM holds this spirit for the technical and human level of its professionals who respond to the demands of the implementation of complex information systems.

We are a company composed of professional partners, dedicated to the goal of the development of complicated information systems which are custom made.

Our experience allows us to work with projects on a national level, scalable, of high demand and great volume of users.


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Human Resource

Our experience, demonstrated through the years, makes our human resource a highly qualified team,

with great values of service, responsibility, and collaboration which have been recognized by our clients.

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We are located in East Sabana, Centro Cars Building, 3rd Floor, San Jose, Costa Rica To discover more of our Services contact us:


Costa Rica: +506 2100-6009
Email: contactenos@epromcr.com