"Blue-loop is a software tool for optimizing processes within the supply chain and logistics. Gaining visibility into the status of logistics processes and distributing critical, accurate, timely information to the right people is key to improving coordination, increasing throughput and delivery quality, and reducing costs throughout the supply chain.

Blue-loop advantages

Know in real time inventory levels, order status and status of deliveries to customers.

Get automatic alerts and notifications when any performance parameter or risk in the supply chain occurs.

Identify and eliminate waste throughout the supply chain.

Simultaneously share the overall performance status of each link in the supply chain to coordinate directly with the respective managers.

Automatically measure and evaluate performance metrics managed throughout the supply chain in a timely manner.

Measure and evaluate the efficiency of suppliers and 3PL.


"Blue-loop" increases the efficiency of your supply chain and can be applied in the following industry sectors:

Medical Products (pharmacy).

Food and Beverages.

Retail and wholesale.

Transport and logistics.

Warehousing and Distribution.

Import & Export Services.

Manufacturing (technology, medical devices, agriculture).

Retail Chains.

Added value to our customers

Integration with the organization's information systems.

An unlimited number of users are allowed in the system.

Operations and logistics consulting service to identify and assess opportunities for improvement.

Availability of reports and transfers to PDF and Excel formats.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Perform historical performance and traceability queries in order management and inventory management.

It offers a complete technical data sheet of the company's employees.

Benefits for our customers

Reduces the time invested in the search and generation of KPI's for the supply chain and logistics processes.

Automatically tracks performance at each link of the supply chain, reducing the time required by middle management to generate critical information for decision making.

It monitors quality parameters, productivity, customer response, financial profitability, utilization of its own and 3PL resources, as well as the actual demand in the different distribution channels.

The system is available from anywhere, inside or outside the country.

Reduces logistics costs due to correction of poorly packaged orders.