"Green-bill" is a cloud-based service-oriented software that efficiently performs electronic billing of contract-managed services, helping to reduce time and costs for its users. Through "Green-bill" are made:

  • Automatic electronic invoices.
  • Credit notes.
  • Debit notes.
  • Acceptance and rejection of "XML" electronic documents.

*"Green-bill" complies with the regulations of the General Directorate of Taxation DGT-R-48-2016 and version 4.3. of the value added tax VAT.

**Green-bill" is an application supported by TPS S.A., an active member of the GS1 CR e-bill committee, registered trademark with copyright.

Added value to our customers

100% accuracy in customer billing.

Automatic follow-up to unpaid invoices.

Platform availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reports on the web platform and transfers to PDF and Excel formats.

Track your invoices from the mobile application.

Immediate consultation of invoice history.

Sending automatic notifications to customers via e-mail (due dates, delinquency notices, payment confirmations and others).

Benefits to our customers

Reduce the time spent searching for invoices by 50%.

Eliminate the additional financial costs of issuing incorrect invoices.

Reduce the time spent on generating and sending electronic invoices to customers by up to 80%.

Increase your company's productivity by reducing the amount of resources being billed.

Reduce by 40% the time it takes to generate reports for your company's accounting management.

Supporting our customers

Billing information confidentiality agreement.

We provide accounting advice and technical support to our clients (*).

Initial training free of charge.

We offer consulting and implementation in the integration with other Information Systems.

Backup of electronic documents "XML" and "PDF" free of charge for up to one year. In case the client requires storage periods longer than one year, an additional cost is established.

Flexible technical support available (Customer Service Level Agreement): On call, 24x7.